UltraPure Ozone Generator



Beginning in 2015, the Ultra Pure Ozone Generators come in a smaller tube. While the packaging is smaller, the generator is the same size so it’s effectiveness has not been affected. We’ve pre-drilled the mounting holes to match your current application so installation is easier for you.

***Consider replacing the ozone ballast every 8 years. An old ballast can cause a new ozone generator to short out. (The ballast part # is 01781-21)

Imagine slowly “shocking” your spa 24 hours a day without lifting a finger.
Safely kills bacteria, yeast, & viruses on contact.
Oxidizes oils, lotions, & makeup.
Reduces chemical use.
Improves water clarity.
Maximizes bather comfort.
Reduces that “chlorine” smell.
For best results, replace every 18-24 months. After that, the bulb may be lit, but the ozone output is too low.
Easy to follow replacement instructions included with your purchase, or have a local service technician do the work instead. Either way, keep your UltraPure System working the way it was designed to.

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